The Water Challenge

Photo Credit : glass_of_water_by_jokerdaffa24_dd7sbah

A never ending question for me has been… How much water i should drink in a day? I had found a number of different guidelines which left me dazed and confused. I did not know that so many symptoms could be as a result of dehydration. What I discovered was interesting and I would like to share this information for you.

Recently, I took part in a water challenge that gave me some usable guidelines. It also brought me up to speed on the importance, benefits and just how to go about accomplishing the feat of drinking so so much water – which in the bigger picture really wasn’t outrageous… well it kind of was.

So, as a result, I have set up a Water Challenge that will begin tomorrow (today depending if you are elsewhere in the world). I would love for as many of you to join in. I will begin with a welcome video to introduce the challenge, but it will be recorded to view on your time.

It will run for 10 days and then possibly ongoing. I will be posting information, recipes, tips and tricks at least once a day. In addition, there will be a page to sign off that you have completed your required intake for the day.

There is no pressure here, just a fun simple way to get on track with your water requirements. The more the merrier.

I am including the link for the challenge, come join me. Introduce yourself and sip sip away.

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