An introduction of sorts

Well, first of all, Hello..Thank you for stopping by. But, I am compelled to warn you…

I have been challenged with sitting down to write my first blog post without thinking about what I will write. I must fill 20 mins and not stop until the alarm rings. I knew I would be taking this course but did not expect this “no time like the present” to get started assignment… but here we go.

I created this blog to get back into the groove of writing while sharing my journey… which is not only about writing. I have come this far by losing myself and finding myself a number of times along the way on this 60+ year journey so far.

Going forward, I have some goals I want to accomplish but recognize that I am likely not the only one dealing with similar situations. A handful of health issues have caused me to rethink how I am going to improve my health and wellness and I am on the hunt for solutions!

My purpose is to find simple steps, simple solutions that are easy to explain and easily copied for anyone who shares this type of journey. I have heard the quips.. So much for the Golden years, they are not for the faint hearted. Well, I don’t care what colour you put to these years, I will age in my version of graceful, dang it! I do not want to be burdened with a schedule of Dr’s appointments. I WILL have fun, have adventures, travel and learn along the way. 

I am a unique one. May even be categorized by some as darn right quirky! I have two wonderful daughters and three grandchildren who call me “Eema” . I was named by my eldest grandson and it has lasted over time. Yes, I get questions of how on earth he came up with that. But that is a story for another time.

So, I will be sharing my wanderings, things I seek out to improve my health, adventures which feed my soul, fill my mind and give me the journey of

Eema Unleashed!

10 thoughts on “An introduction of sorts

  1. Hi Jackie,
    I also decided to blog in my golden years, starting when I was 60, in 2012. The years since may not have been that ‘golden’, but blogging has become a passion of mine.
    I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have, and thank you for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. That is great that you found a passion in blogging. I am so a work in progress. I do enjoy it and learning how to schedule time in (to remind me I started this) until it is a daily habit…I tend to get distracted really easily.
      I find the term “Golden Years” a promise that we look forward to but once there find a different reality for one reason or another. I try to think past my struggles of the day and find a happy place…I think blogging will do that for me. I can get lost in the words when I write.
      You are more than welcome, i love reading others days in blogs. Enjoy today the sun is shinning.

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      1. I write blog posts the afternoon before, then post them in the morning.
        Then I answer all comments, and comment on all the blogs I follow, if they have posted anything. I thank all new followers, and then check emails.
        At midday, I get ready, and take my dog out. In the late afternoon, I follow up on any more comments, and write something for the next day before I make dinner, and relax for the evening.
        It tales at least 4 hours a day, sometimes more. But it is my main hobby, and I love being a blogger!
        Best wishes, Pete.


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