Getting Back into a routine.

My struggle has always been about starting. Yep, big procrastinator here, but I am working on that as well.

When I veer away from my routine I have to fight tooth and nail to get back into the swing of things. This time my goal is to embrace the exercise, clean eating, self improvement and growth as an all encompassing renewed way of life.

All of these elements are important as I continue to work towards being the best version of myself. It is going to take commitment, dedication and guts. But I CAN DO THIS.

The first part I have focused on for the last week or so is to make sure my body is getting enough water, simply so it can work properly. Until I started reading about the importance of water, I truly had no idea. Brain fog, headaches and arthritis were not things I would have included in the list of complaints that can be relieved somewhat with remaining hydrated. Yes, I knew the impact it has on your skin and the danger of dehydration but stupidly never took the time to really understand the implications. I know better now.

By the descriptions, definitions and explanations I have read, I have been dehydrated most of my life. So now I am working to improve that, my health depends on it.

The next important change that I need to embrace (again) is a clean eating plan. Not a diet, nothing overly restrictive, just old time ways of eating. By eliminating processed foods it forces me to try new things, new recipes and new ways of eating. I am more than OK with that.

There are all kinds of diets available, but it is important to find a healthy new lifestyle that will stay with you always, not a diet.

I have used Weight Watcher, Dr. Bernstein’s, Atkins and the list goes on. Yes, they all worked but they still used many quick and easy pre-made meals that contained ingredients that are just not good for you. I know better now.

I am committed to using fresh food that is sourced in a sustainable way and combining it with plant based protein shakes (normally for breakfast and after a workouts), and a collection of healthy, safe, pure and beneficial products for supplements and body care to help me along the way.

Exercise or working out for me is a scary thing. But oh so necessary. Fear will not hold me back this time. I am on a mission. Just have to remember, especially at my age of grace to not over do it. At the beginning a gradual work my way into a sensible workout routine that has physical benefits and is enjoyable is the best way. It is far easier to keep on track doing something you enjoy, than something you hate. But there has to be enough of a challenge that results can be seen or felt in a reasonable amount of time.

So,with all of that said… today, I am getting back on track. I will start by doing one small simple to get going. A nice walk with my best friend.

IF YOU THINK YOU CAN , YOU CAN! STAY POSITIVE, YOU CAN DO THIS! One simple step at a time, set your path, aim for your goal and GO!

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