One of my hats includes teaching business English to students in Japan. In our discussions I learn new things everyday. One interesting concept I have recently learned is the unique Japanese therapy “Forest Bathing” where people go to get closer to nature.

In short, it is the opportunity to escape the hustle bustle of their daily lives in the city and relax in the forest. Since 1982 Japan has encouraged this practice in 62 designated forests as a healthy choice. It is estimated 5 million people visit these forests every year for the purpose of “Forest Bathing”.

The effects Shinrin-yoko, has been researched and results from some scientific studies report lasting benefits of feeling happier, less stressed, reduced heart rate and blood pressure as well as strengthening your immune system with positive effects lasting for up to a month after the visit.

Looking further into this notion, apparently it has been studied for about 50 years. Dr. Qing Li is the author of Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness. In his book a clear explanation of how and why you should take the time to go into nature is found.

The practice of “Forest Bathing” is not about exercise, hiking or jogging. It is the simple step, of being in nature and taking it all in. Let your senses and reconnect you with nature.

I for one intend to take advantage of this new knowledge and learn by doing.

  • information and picture found at
  • Forest Bathing is good for your health. Here’s how to do it . Time article BY QING LI MAY 1, 2018

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