I am not certain if I have explained just how much of a wanderer I am…but I am.

So much so, that my girls would often ask, Mom do we always have to take the scenic route? You see, when given the opportunity I wander as I drive as well, never taking the same route twice. I just don’t want to miss anything.

But on a nice day this past week I was on a mission, not about where I needed to go, what I needed to see but the number of steps I could knock off in one walk. In my new(ish) wellness journey it has been explained I should aim for 10,000 steps in a day. Sounds daunting, especially when living in a little apartment. For the heck of it I walked the hallways on a rainy day logging about 2700 steps…it just was not the same as getting outside in the fresh air.

From above the falls, The sound as mighty as they look, Wish i could share a video here.

Now truth be told, I am only calling my journey newish, as I have started and started and started again. I have done my best, but lose my way and find my way wandering back to the beginning. But not this time.

So I want to share with you some of my wandering walk with you in pictures. As, I have mentioned I live in Niagara Falls. Most people have heard of this place before, but have a hard time picturing just how close I am to the thundering water.

Thinking of Scotland.
Thinking of Scotland.

I really enjoy wandering through the many gardens found in the area. The park I am in today is the space between the Fallsview Casino and the edge of the escarpment. Even on busy days this little piece of the world can be calm but well in range to hear the thundering waters.

A very quiet morning in the casino…..Yes there is a Game of Thrones slot machine. For those of you who may be fans….Just something I saw along the way.
A pause along the way. It was wonderful to sit for a moment in the air conditioning. ..onwards

I know that Niagara Falls is often referred to a tourist trap, and some of you may thing that. But, I took a wander through the mall shops at the casino and have found some really nice non-tourist shops that I will come back to do shopping in.

For me.. maple syrup is a necessity… not to be overlooked. I was grateful to find this little treasure. Maple choice for me…and for gifting.

Maple syrup, fine jewelry, handbags, Christmas ornaments, wine, and lovely clothing stores filled this mall. So so many choices. I wont bore you with pictures here, you will just have to trust me on this one.

Well I am going to end this here. It is time to get up from the computer and get out the building…it is time for another wander….I wonder where my steps will take me this time.

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