It’s a simple thing really! Be Kind.

I like this picture! It sends a simple and straightforward message that points out one basic thought. These few words convey so much. We should listen!

Today, we are bombarded with news of crime, torture, murders and war from around the world. It is not a happy event to turn on the television and watch the news. So, I don’t.

I do, however, see and hear much of the information on the internet, in the newspaper and from family members who ask if I have heard about …… (another terrible happening). Bad news travels far too quickly for my liking.

I find myself searching for calm. So instead I fill the moments of quiet with good news stories. I choose to share kindness with a gentle soul that often feels bruised by the constant battering of bad news that hits us all too often.

So, I look for the good, and share it. But, if none can be found I share kindness any way I can. These gestures need not be big, or for any specific reason, instead they are just because… I want to.

A random act of kindness is something done for a person you do not know and for no other reason than you want to… It is not uncommon for me to pay for a coffee for the person behind me in the drive through. Nor, is it strange for me to allow the person behind me at the checkout to go ahead of me just because I am not in a rush and they are.

But then there are the acts that are neighbourly. Taking a loaf of banana bread to an elderly couple that live down the hall because the last time I baked they commented on how wonderful it smelled. Or, helping the lady in the parking lot to scrap the snow off her car so she could get to her dying father quicker. Simple little things that take a small moment of your day to be kind.

In a world of poor souls who are suffering and living in difficult times, I am grateful to be one of the lucky ones. Even with my own struggles,  I am rich! I find joy in helping others, cherish every moment, live life and laugh with my family, and work hard to remain positive in this very negative world of ours.

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