Sometimes, you just have to….

It had been a long time since breakfast and many many miles of highway were behind us. We were facing many more hours of driving and started looking for a place to stop. Sadly we had forgotten how difficult it was the last time along this road and we made lunch of a package of twizzler candy and potato chips… darn.. Should have packed a picnic!

We were determined to find a healthy option so the hunt began. It was a good idea to search on the internet, but that only works if there is a phone signal in the area. We then relied on the signs and billboards along the way but Subway was not a choice we were interested in even though at every crossroad there was one. 

After a long additional 200 miles we came across a little place next to the gas station we stopped at. I had never heard of this chain before but apparently is quite well known and has locations across the state. Not sure if it is a national chain or not, but for me I was very grateful it was found!

My partner was going to have a corned beef on rye sandwich. It was rich looking, full of meat and cheese. The bread was dark and clearly was fresh made. I opted for an alternate choice of bread. Flatbread which I don’t have very often but love. My open faced sandwich was a California Chicken with Cheddar and just for that extra yummy element I added avocado. 

It was delicious! So much so.. On the trip back along the same road we are stopping to have lunch there again….just because… sometimes you just have too ..


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