Sunrise? Sunset?

Often you hear people commenting on the beautiful sunset of the evening. The day is ending, the business of the last 12 hours is calming and you are relaxing in a favorite place.I enjoy seeing the amazing colours a sunset has to offer. But for me it is all about Sunrise.
Anticipation for the next day begins at sunset. What opportunities will the day offer. A time to be grateful for a new day goes without saying. But, the opportunity to make someone else feel joy will be presented before you, will you act accordingly? All it takes is a smile, a kind word or a shared moment in time.
It is in the beauty of a sunrise that I am grateful for another day. It is up to me to pay it forward. I have to admit there are times I miss these chances to share, even when they are placed right before me.
So, I am going to be more aware of the smiles, kind word, acts of random kindness and moments of joy I can share with others to brighten their day.

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