A wandering I will go….by Bus

Ten years ago, I chose to rely on the transit system to get around. I would get all of the things I needed to do by bus. There was the potential that it would be costly to do things this way, but in the long run it was not. Picking a day to do errands, heading out in the morning with a day pass allowed me to go for groceries and bring them home, have lunch and head back out for everything else. Far less cost that taking a taxi, quicker than walking. I was out in the community and not just at home. The rest of the story, I was recovering from an injury that changed everything. So, being out was the highlight of my week.Now, all these years later, I have started to live in that place where I choose to just stay home. I have had a case of “I can’t be bothered”.

But today that changed.Niagara Falls Canada is offering free bus service for citizens 60 and above (that me!). I may not seem like a lot, but while on a fixed income $6 for a return trip adds up.I plan to take full advantage of this gift! So, today, this cold overcast dreary day when I would have just stayed put… I am bundling up, getting my walking shoes on and going to play tourist on my terms.

A walk by the falls seems like a perfect option for this Thanksgiving Monday.I am grateful for the opportunity the bus rides will give me to wander to the sites of Niagara. I am thankful my health is improving daily and taking full advantage of being closer to a variety of walks only a free bus ride away.Thank you Niagara Falls for choosing to invest in the aging community of our city and unleashing me to wander at will. *Pictures to follow*

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