For years, I have written small works for a variety of reasons, but other than a this blog I have started nothing really from my heart rather than research.

Yesterday morning I went out for my bike ride it was more about finding inspiration for the words to complete my submission for a book I was invited to be in.While on my ride, and unexpected text saying a friend was in the Falls, gave me a wonderful reason to adjust my route for the day.

You see although we shared many conversations, we had never met in person. I was excited to finally meet this young lady and her family. But what happened during our conversation came as a surprize, I found the missing words I was searching for to finish my chapter.

Many of you are aware that I think out loud, and that is how I share my thoughts with you here in my blog. But to be truthful this outloud way of sharing potential solutions in a business related discussion happen the same way. It would not be the first time I am considered a bit of a butt-in-ski, but I have a hard time maintaining a thought and say it out loud for fear that I may lose it.

The results of our meeting were very different, for the first time I truly understood that the words and support I share make a difference. I am so very grateful I received that text for more than finally meeting someone I had spoken with for more than two years. The universe answered my search for the inspiration I needed.

Last night I cracked open a bottle of wine and sat down to celebrate! I had completed my chapter for the book that will be published on Amazon before the end of the month.

I am over the moon that this has manifested. I am very grateful for the referral to the publisher for without it, they would not have heard of me. I look forward to sharing information about the publication when I have more to share. For now, the cover for Change Makers, Vol 4. Thank you all for allowing me to think out loud with you both to find solutions to your questions, and those of my own, this certainly is a wonderful playground and my soul is filled.

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