Tasty Tuesday Treat #3

Toss it in Oatmeal

I promised to keep the variety of treats simple and straightforward. Today I am sharing something simple. I had been out for a walk and came back in absolutely freezing. So, I opted for oatmeal. It is a common occurrence for me to prepare an oatmeal concoction for one reason or another.

Below is the this of things I included in the bowl today. It really is not about the quantity here but what your taste buds are looking for, or what you crave. Yes, keeping it healthy is key for me, but it does not need to be boring, or complicated.

Combine the following and cook in microwave for 2 mins (until oatmeal cooked)

Oatmeal – today I used steel cut, but any rolled oat would work as well

Protein Powder, I used Arbonne Cinnamon Bun blend today, But Vanilla with some ground cinnamon would work just as well

Enough water or nut milk to get the oatmeal the consistency you like

Dried unsweetened cranberries

Pepitas, Raw Almonds, unsalted sunflower seeds

Apricots, dried and chopped

Stir when it comes out of microwave to distribute all ingredients evenly through bowl.

Let cool a little or test for temp before diving in..


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