I am so very excited to share with you that in a very few days a life long goal will come to fruition.

I have often played with the idea of writing a book, actually I have a manuscript saved on my computer that has sat there in waiting for more than a decade.

However, this is a different story. You may recall some of my tales of troubled times in my past and how I have through trials and tribulations eventually bounced back.

A little while ago I was invited to be included in the Change Makers Series by writing a chapter for the upcoming release. I have to say I am very grateful for this opportunity. In addition, it has helped me get out of my own way when it comes to writing a book. Let’s just say the manuscript has been unearthed and it will be revisited… soon.

In the meantime, I gleefully wait for the release date, the rise to the best sellers list (as did the previous volumes) and the print copy to be available.

If you would like information about, pre-ordering a signed copy, send me an email request, and with your permission, I’ll contact you soon with the purchase information.

This is a pinch me moment, and I am honoured to be included with the wonderful group of inspirational women with whom I have joined to co-author this Change Makers volume.

With Gratitude and Joy – Jacqueline J.

Author Jacqueline J. Lawson

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