Makeup for Older Women — Beauty Tips for a Stunning Look in Ladies over 50

Especially as women age, every type of face needs a particular skincare and makeup routine to cater to their needs.

Here are a few tips and tricks from beauty pros and celebrities.

It would be a dream come true for any woman to look younger and flawless as they age, but many feel  that only exists in a utopian society.

There are still many ways to keep your youthful glow through the years.

Many believe your face is your calling card and source of confidence, I want to share a few makeup and beauty hacks from some of the industry’s best artists.


It is only natural to want lines and dark under eyes covered with makeup, but there is a proper and more conservative way to do so.

According to makeup artist Sandy Linter:  “You can’t hide wrinkles, so don’t try to, because you’re only going to draw more attention to them.”

Ms. Linter recommends using a sheer, hydrating foundation followed by a long lasting and lightweight concealer that blends well.

It is best to focus on the under and inner parts of the eyes, where they get the darkest. Application should be applied lightly with a brush or tip of your finger.

Some choose to use a makeup sponge but it will suck up a hefty amount of what is applied to the face. It does not do the same trick as using fingers or a makeup brush and ends up absorbing your product before you know it.


A good tip for finding the perfect shade of makeup is testing it in the right place – To begin with artificial lighting will dramatically impact the true colour of both the makeup and your skin. You are best to use a natural light source by a window or if possible, go outside.

To ensure your foundation and concealer match both your face and neck try applying some along the lower part of your cheek to your jawline, where both areas can be considered.

Eyeshadows will be seen true to colour when tested on the skin between your thumb and finger, but can be swatched on any smooth skin surface where there is little or no hair. But! If you want to test on your face, sanitation is an issue. Be sure to sharpen pencils and wipe the top layer of powders to clean.

Eyebrow pencils and gel are relatively simple to match up. I learned this today:  If you have darker hair, your eyebrows should be one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color. But, if you have lighter hair, your eyebrows should be one to two shades darker. How simple is that to remember!

If using highlighter, testing on your inner arm will work to see the colour, texture and finish. But to see how it looks, sterilize the product and dust lightly on your face or wherever else you may like.  To check it out, tilt your head to the light and see if it is the look you are going for. As we age, highlighter should be used sparingly for everyday looks.

The pad of your finger or thumb is the best place to test lipstick as it is the closest in texture and colour to your lips.


Apart from becoming a makeup pro at concealing the blemishes and achieving a look that takes ten years off your face, it is best to take good care of the facial skin itself.

Many women overlook exfoliation in their skincare routine, but it can do more than give a youthful glow. Removing dead skin can reduce having a heavy makeup look. “Even the lightest application grabs onto dry patches.”


Actress Helen Mirren’s beauty secret heavily involves investing in skincare products as well, including a face wash and a lash growth serum to achieve a natural look.

The “Prime Suspect” star believes that less makeup is more, especially as you age. When going out, her best friend is a red lipstick and a bare face behind a pair of sunglasses. I so enjoy her sense of humour!

Among Mirren’s favorite products are a Deep-Acting Moisturizer, lash serum, and wonderful lip colour.


Jane Fonda’s skin and makeup guru, suggests the best beauty secret of switching to organic products, including essential oils and serums for your skin.

The expert believes organic products affect not only the external appearance but the internal body as well. Ms. Fonda explains “I use them morning and night around the eyes, all over the face, neck, and décolletage. …It has significantly decreased my laugh and furrow lines […]”

While there are so many more tips and tricks to get the perfect makeup look, the best way is to take care of your overall well-being by living a healthy and fit life.

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