Wondering Wednesday #4 What the heck is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling, is a simple step to add to your daily healthy rituals that I have been practicing for a few months and will continue to do as I have seen results.

In our western culture, we often don’t normally add healthy detox practices every day. But rather many of us do a binge detox cleanse at the change of the seasons and then re-tox the rest of the year.

By adding healthy practices to your morning you will begin to create a nice shift towards taking care of yourself in an easy, manageable, consistent yet simple basis.

Oil pulling, what would appear to be trendy, has been around for a very long time. Used in ancient times before the invention of toothbrushes, and through history has replaced other ways to care for our oral health.

The practice of swishing coconut oil around your mouth is simple and straightforward and has been proven to dramatically improve your oral health care.

The Steps:
1) A tablespoon of non-liquid coconut oil gets chewed up until it melts into a swish able liquid. (I use a solid coconut oil that is at room temp, for me it was a simpler way and I could get on with the swishing part quickly)

2) Ensure it touches all parts of the inside your mouth, tongue, teeth and gums. This is easily done while swishing. It does not need to be harsh, like using mouthwash, just be conscious of cover all places while you are moving the oil around your mouth.

3) Keep the oil in your mouth for 10 – 20 min before you brush your teeth or have anything to eat. I have to admit, it took a little getting used to. I began with a two minutes and gradually worked my way up to 10-12 minutes where it remains today.


5) Brush your teeth with an all-natural toothpaste (you don’t want to just add toxins again)

It (the oil) pulls all of the junk out of our mouth. Our oral cavity has so much bacteria in there and oral hygiene is so important to your overall health, this is an all-natural way to keep it clean.

Proven to kill tooth decay, kill bad breath, whiten teeth, heal cracked lips and improve your gut health. I assure you, the results I have seen include; improvement to my gums, whiter teeth, fresher breath and along with other natural morning routines an improved gut health.

Source: Dr. Tanda Cook, Naturopath

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